Want to be a baa-tist?

Ready to get creative for Shaun by the Sea? We are looking for artists who can design and paint our unique Shaun sculptures. Sound daunting? 

If you’re thinking about taking part as an artist, but not sure, don’t worry! Emma Fish, our artists liaison for the trail, has highlighted some of the questions she is often asked.  

And don’t delay – you have until 6th January 2023 to submit your design, or designs, by using the form linked below.


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Do I have to be an experienced artist? 

No! You don’t have to be a famous or experienced artist to take part in the trail. The Snail that sold for the highest amount at auction during Snailspace, ‘To Everything There’s a Season’ by Danni Smith, which was her first ever piece of public artwork.  

Do I have to live in Brighton and Hove? 

Our artists can be based anywhere to take part. Although you should note that you will be responsible for the cost of delivery of the sculpture to your studio and return to Martlets in Brighton & Hove, if you don’t paint it in our artists warehouse so you will need to bear this in mind. 

 Do I need to have done this before? 

Many people who take part in Wild In Art Trails have designed sculptures for lots of different trails, but you don’t need to. Whether this is your first or your tenth time, we’d welcome your design.  

Can I stick things to the sculpture? 

We know that many artists love to stick parts to their sculpture but sadly you can’t. Any additional appendages on sculptures are vulnerable to damage so we can’t allow anything to be stuck onto the sculptures. Things like crystals and sequins will be likely picked off when your Shaun is on the streets. Also sequins may react with glue and the varnish so they really are a non-starter. Keeping it simple is the best policy. Please check the artist’s pack for information on materials to use, acrylic paints and pens e.g. posca pens are the best paints to use. No oil based paints or pens please, these react with the varnish. 

 Can I brand the sculpture? 

You can’t put logos on or use brand names when naming and designing your sculpture. Remember, at the end of the trail they will be sold at auction to raise money for Martlets Hospice.  

Do I have to varnish the sculpture? 

This year, T-Reeves will be varnishing the sculptures for us. So you don’t need to worry about varnishing once you’ve completed your sculpture.  

Do I get paid? 

Yes, the details are in the artists pack. You receive a £1000 honorarium for completing your artwork. But we only pay this for the chosen designs, not the submissions. 


For more information, please read our artists pack. And remember to submit by 6 January 2023 to be considered. 

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