Ways you can help Shaun by the Sea 

Our artists and learners deadlines are now passed. But we’ve still got plenty of ways you can help Shaun by the Sea this year!  

If you’d like to join our flock, here are some of the ways you can. 


We are looking for businesses who can sponsor one of our Shaun sculptures. 

We’re delighted to have so many businesses on board already – but there is space for more. You can read our sponsorship pack for more information. You can also email us at sponsors@shaunbythesea.co.uk 

Sponsorsheep Pack

Warehouse wanted! 

Our artists will be coming together later this year to paint their ewe-nique creations. We are still looking for that space right now. 

If you know anywhere that we could use for a few months at free or low cost, please get in touch by email at trailenquiries@shaunbythesea.co.uk 

Volunteer your time 

Do you have time to give during September – November this year? We’d love to hear from you. 

There are plenty of volunteering opportunities available as part of Shaun by the Sea – so please do get in touch. You can register your interest with us at the link below

Volunteer with us

Heavy lifting 

We are on the hunt for a forklift truck for install and de-install of the large sculptures across Brighton & Hove streets in Autumn 2023. This will be overnight work to get our Shauns into tricky side streets where our transport partner Sussex Transport’s large articulated trucks can’t reach! We have two forklift drivers ready to help – we just need some wheels!   

Think you can help? You can email us on trailenquiries@shaunbythesea.co.uk  


Space to graze 

To make sure Shaun feels at home, we want to prepare his plinths with Astro-turf. We’ll need enough turf for 40 -50 bases, so we’re looking for a landscaping or garden company or supplier who can help.  

Know anyone? Please email us at trailenquiries@shaunbythesea.co.uk 

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