Brandwatch to lead the flock as headline sponsor

Matchmaking event at Fabrica last night (Monday 20th March) announced final sponsor slots remaining and saw sponsors from across the city select artist designs

This week, Martlets announced Brandwatch, the world’s premier social media analytics suite, as headline sponsor for the Shaun by the Sea art trailThe Brighton & Hove art trail runs from 9 September to 5 November 2023 and features 42 uniquely designed Shaun the Sheep sculptures on display throughout the city’s streets, parks and public areas. Each sculpture is sponsored by a local business and individually decorated by a leading local artist.

Brandwatch and Martlets

All 42 unique designs were showcased at Fabrica Gallery in Brighton yesterday evening where sponsors were matched with an artist of their choice.

More than 25 local businesses have already joined the flock to sponsor a Shaun the Sheep sculpture, with 15 final Shaun sponsorships remaining. Current sponsors, in addition to Brandwatch, include Donatello, Big Beach Cafe, Green Insurance, Plus Accounting, Brighton and Hove buses, Rockwater and Star Properties. 

Among the 42 local artists on board are illustrator and contemporary artist George Fox who has been chosen by Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim) and Sarah Arnett whose second design was on display last night, following the unveiling of her first design “Regency Shaun” in September. 

Katja Garrood, Chief Brand Officer at Brandwatch explained why they became the headline sponsor for Martlets’ Shaun by the Sea art trail: “Martlets is a fantastic organisation doing incredibly important work. As a global company we still remain respectful of our roots and where we were founded and believe it’s important to be part of and give back to the local community and help foster local connection. Hence we want to participate in the trail by working with Martlets and the global brand that Shaun the Sheep is, to create connections not just across the city but also remotely, within all of Brandwatch engaging support from our international staff and teams in the project.”

“We are so honoured to headline this art trail, to harness our collective creativity and play our part in putting Shaun on his seaside pedestal,” added Garrood. 

Susi Owusu, Head of Partnerships and Philanthropy at Martlets said: “Shaun the Sheep is already bringing joy to all those involved and our sponsor event was a great opportunity for local business supporters to take a first look at some of the incredible designs and select their favourites. 

“Martlets is focused on providing end- of- life care but we also want to share the real joy of life. We’re hugely thankful to this city’s business community for their support and the incredible creative talent that we will soon enjoy! The art trail is reaching its final planning stages, but there’s still a chance for other businesses to participate. So if ‘ewe’ fancy getting involved, taking part in the art trail and sponsoring your very own Shaun, please do get touch. We’d love to have you join our creative flock,” added Owusu.

 For more information and to download a sponsorship pack go to our sponsors page or contact Susi Owusu on

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