Shaun has arrived in Brighton & Hove

We are delighted that our Shaun sculptures have safely arrived in Brighton & Hove. Thanks to the support of Sussex Transport, our Shauns have made their way from the factory in Manchester to our new artist’s space in Brighton & Hove. 

Artist’s space

At the beginning of May, we moved into our new artist’s space. This is a space for our artists to collaborate and work together on producing their sculptures. Shaun the Sheep HQ if you will!

Our artist’s space is not open to the public. But we will be sharing some sneak previews of the work in progress throughout the next few months.

Meet our artists

We are delighted to announce our team of brilliantly talented artists. There are several artists who have taken part in our previous art trails. We also have a team of brilliant new artists who are creating Shaun sculptures for the public to enjoy this autumn.

Meet our artists

You can follow our artists on Instagram or other social media accounts to see the progress of creating their Shaun sculptures.

Transport partnership

Sussex Transport are once again partnering with us to help deliver our art trail. They collected our sculptures from their factory in Manchester and transported them to Brighton & Hove. Later on in the trail, they will also be supporting with the installation.

Next steps

Over the next few months, our artists will be bringing their Shaun designs to real life. Once they’ve completed their sculpture, they will be sent off to T Reeve and Son for varnishing. We will then keep them in storage until they are ready to go on the streets of Brighton & Hove.

You will be able to see our Shaun the Sheep sculptures from 9th September to 5th November in locations across the city. We will be revealing our locations over the next few months, so stay tuned.

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