“I like being involved in a local charity”- Volunteering opportunities with Shaun

Paula is volunteering for Shaun by the Sea, having volunteered for Snailspace. Here she explains why she volunteers and why you should get involved. 


I started volunteering for Martlets in 2018, when I got involved in Snailspace. I had visited Snowdogs by the Sea, Martlets first art trail, as a member of the public. I had such a great time. So when I saw that I could volunteer to look after the Snails I jumped at the chance!

Since then, I’ve continued to volunteer with the Martlets fundraising team. I help at events, which are so varied. I love it! All the staff and volunteers I have been alongside have been so supportive and fun. It means a lot to me to be a volunteer with Martlets. I like being involved in a local charity that has helped/supported friends and family at the end of their lives.

Being a trail-grazer

This year, I am back for Shaun by the Sea as a ‘Trail-Grazer’. I’ve already been helping out so far so I am itching to get started. I helped at the model-making workshop which was part of Brighton Fringe. I saw some amazing and unique Shaun models being made.

Being a trail-grazer is a great role. It involves walking around the sculptures and making sure they are looked after. Sometimes we might give them a quick clean. I will also help visitors with little facts about the sculptures and help them find their way around the trail. We take photos for visitors alongside the sculptures if they ask us too.

Paula and other volunteers at Brighton Fringe 2023

Fun with Snails

I had a great time when I volunteered for Snailspace and I got really into it. My husband was a bit embarrassed when we left a concert at the Dome and I noticed Slimon the Snail had been splatted by a seagull. I couldn’t leave him dirty, so I cleaned him.

He did get involved too though. We visited all the large snails on the weekend of our wedding anniversary to raise money. It rained for the whole 48hrs!

What I’d say to others

I absolutely think others should join me as a trail-grazer! It’s a great chance to meet people enjoying themselves out on the trail, make new friends and have fun.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the amazing artists work. I’ve had a sneak preview of some of the designs so far and they are amazing. I love seeing all the small Shauns too. Children on the trail will often proudly show you their work. I also really like hearing people’s stories about how Martlets has supported them and their families and friends.

Get involved

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