Captain Shaun celebrates Brighton’s buccaneering past

This post has been written by Martlets volunteer Simon Eden

BUCCANEERING Brighton’s colourful pirate past will add a dash of romance and adventure to the Shaun the Sheep art trail being held throughout the city by Martlets Hospice between September 9 and November 5. 

Worthing commercial artist Russ Iden has designed Captain Shaun the Pirate. It is a Shaun that features the many familiar symbols we all associate with seafaring plundering, such as eye patches, parrots and chests overflowing with pieces-of-eight. 

Russ said: “The city’s connection with pirates, smugglers and buccaneering renegades goes way back. The image of the pirate is of course one both children and adults immediately recognise. This meant it was an ideal topic for the art trail, which is once again set to be a highly attraction with residents and visitors alike.” 

Captain Shaun gets his eyepatch and moustache among Shauns in our painting Space

 An exciting opportunity 

Designing his Pirate Shaun, which is sponsored by Trident, was a rare opportunity for Russ to work on a large scale artistic project in three dimensions.  

He said: “I have experience of producing murals so I know about working with large art works. But Shaun was different. For the design, I worked in clean, smooth lines. But Shaun is not smooth. So it was challenging transferring my smooth lines to a rough surface without distorting the images. 

Russ, whose work can been seen in local galleries, has 35 years experience as a designer.  He also teaches art and photography.  

“And now I can add to my portfolio – transforms sheep into pirates,” he said 

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