Expect the unexpected

This post has been written by Martlets volunteer Jill Cochrane

Being involved in Shaun by the Sea is perhaps not what some folk might expect from a firm of accounts. That’s the sentiment shared by Victoria King, Marketing Manager at Plus Accounting, one of our invaluable sponsors.

She says: “We’ve been supporting Martlets for couple of years now and wanted to continue doing so. For us Martlets’ Art Trail encompasses creativity and community which both align with our values. It sums up what we want to achieve as a team and with our client relationships.

It might not have an obvious connection with accountants, so we’re going against any stereotypes that people might have. Bringing the community together is such a big part of this event, that’s why we’re supporting it.”

It’s the first time Plus Accounting has sponsored one of Martlets’ Art Trails and we’re delighted they’re part of the flock. Victoria, however, has been involved in the previous trails when she was subcontracted to a different firm who sponsored the earlier events.

Great minds think alike

When Victoria and her colleague Amber Theobald (Tax Apprentice) first saw Sara Pope’s design, they immediately looked at each other and knew they’d found the right design.

“We looked at all the Shaun designs maybe five times over, but we kept coming back to Sara Pope’s. It’s quirky, fun, modern and it stood out. I know Sara’s artwork as I have one of her vibrant lip prints in my hallway. I was so excited to see that she was one of the artists involved and I recognised her work straightaway.”

J’adore Shaun

Shaun the Sheep is a much-loved character from the Aardman family. Many artists in this year’s Art Trail have reinvented him as a different character or in a new guise. Sara Pope has created Shaun Le Sheep and she’s reimagined him using her iconic graphic lips to dress him up.

Victoria explains: “Our Shaun Le Sheep sculpture is fancy, luminous in pink and red and he’s got very voluptuous lips. In fact, he has lots of lips all over him. He’s wearing a lip-shaped beret and top. There are also lips on the soles of his feet, so it looks like he’s wearing Laboutins. He’s out on the town, loving the night life.”

A touch of sparkle

Before the Martlets auction local artist Sara Pope plans to add some diamonds to Shaun’s feet and lips. He’s dressed to impress already and with all the added sparkle he’s sure to capture the attention of our auction bidders.

Victoria adds: “It’ll be exciting to see him at the auction and I have high hopes that we’ll raise a great amount of money for Martlets.”

Together moments

All our sponsors have had the opportunity to visit the studio to meet their respective artists and see their sculpture designs evolve.

“Amber and I visited Sara in the studio a few times as we wanted to feel like we’re in this together and on a journey right through to auction day. Other team members have visited too, so we’re all involved in one way or another. We’ll be there on auction night. They’re exciting occasions and equally nerve racking and I don’t even work for Martlets! I can’t imagine how the charity team feel on the night, but they always host a wonderful evening.

To me embracing community and creative vibrancy are what Brighton & Hove is all about. Bringing together businesses, families and the artists feels like an exciting thing to be part of.”

Get selfie ready

Plus Accounting with be leading the charge in what will be the third Selfie Challenge. Victoria came up with the idea when she first worked on Martlets’ Snowdog Art Trail back in 2016.

“We wanted to maximise on the engagement potential of our partnership with Martlets. The Art Trail is so creative and visual, a selfie event seemed like a good fit. I came up with the idea of the challenge – two hours to capture as many selfies as possible with different sculptures. It creates a brilliant buzz which benefits everyone involved.”

I have it on good authority from Victoria that the current Selfie Challenge record for the most selfies is 24, but whoever has the most on the day wins. It was in fact Plus Accounting who won last time, so they are the ones to beat.

Victoria concludes: “Martlets’ work resonates with everybody at Plus Accounting – it can touch our lives at any point within our circle of friends and family. It’s a charity we all want to support.”

Get Involved

There’s still time to sign up for the Selfie Challenge on 20 September. The deadline to register has been extended to 15th September.

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