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This post has been written by Martlets volunteer Jill Cochrane.

Photographs taken by Martlets volunteer Alan Barnes.

Fastnet is a returning sponsor and Sales Director Mark Jenner is a wonderful champion of Martlets. This year the company is sponsoring Shaun in the Clouds by artist Ben Cavanagh, one of the most collected Shauns on our app so far. 

Like other sponsors, Mark points out that giving back to the local community is an important factor for their business. 

“We know Martlets well, everyone in Brighton & Hove knows Martlets, and if you have family in the city, you’ll probably have some connection with them. It’s an important cause and one that provides an amazing service to those that need it. It’s important for us to support them.” 

Mark continues: “Fastnet is a small to medium-sized business in Brighton, but we operate across the UK. Brighton is home turf, it’s where our HQ is based, and our staff live. We have a strong connection to the city and a long-standing relationship with Martlets. It’s a charity close to our hearts.” 

Building ties 

Mark is eager to share why Fastnet are involved again. 

“It was quite funny last time – we’re about providing a high-speed internet service, but we were sponsoring a snail! 

It helps us build ties with the community and fosters good will. “There’s great brand visibility amongst people in the city too. We’ve also met lots of companies that we wouldn’t have spoken to if it weren’t for our involvement.” 

Mark adds: “Shaun by the Sea is a great way to get the staff involved as it aligns with our values. We’ve gifted a Paint Your Own Sheep to everyone and we’re running a selfie competition too. It’s a bit of fun, but I do know that some of our team has had family members who have benefited from Martlets’ palliative and respite care.

Cloud formation 

As a volunteer on this year’s Art Trail, I’ve heard some baa-rilliant  reasons why our sponsors chose their respective Shaun designs. It’s clear artist Ben Cavanagh and Fastnet have clouds in common. 

Mark explains: “Ben’s design and his love of clouds stood out. One of the defining things that connected us to his design is the fact our business is about data and clouds! It was his striking colours, bold design and the cloud composition that we felt had great synergy.” 

Uplifting place 

Given Fastnet’s long standing relationship with Martlets, it’s no surprise that Mark has spent time visiting the hospice and meeting some of our team. 

“When I visited Martlets and had a look around, the environment that’s been created is completely contrary to what I was expecting. Yes, there were some very poorly people, but the mood was buoyant and people where happy to be there to receive care. It was quite an uplifting place.” 

Collaboration counts 

Mark says: “Things always go better when you collaborate with people. Events like this show that the business community in this city share the same values. Shaun by the Sea helps us all build a positive reputation. 

It brightens up the city and exudes positivity, which in turn gets everyone involved. Importantly, the Art Trail gets people thinking about Martlets. It our collective impact that will make a difference and raise more money for the vital work Martlets do – and it’s a positive reminder for us all to give back to our community.” 

Mark adds: “We’re proud to be involved again – and I can’t thank Martlets’ team enough for being so helpful throughout. The team are a pleasure to work with and they’ve made it such a fantastic experience.” 

Walking on clouds 

You’ll be aware that Martlets ambassador Norman Cook will be taking on a half marathon around this year’s Art Trail. Norman will be raising money for Martlets and wants folk to join him en route. Mark and some of the Fastnet team will be there to cheer him on, and of course, grab a selfie. 

Mark concludes: “Yes, I’ll be doing the Trail, but this time I’ll wear more sensible shoes. My feet were on fire last time I did the Snailspace. It’s quite a long distance to get all the way around. My feet were killing me!

Let’s hope Mark and Norman are both walking on clouds! 

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