True partners

This post is by Martlets volunteer Jill Cochrane.

Lee Harvey, Managing Director of Trident and his team have enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Martlets since 2017. Trident is a returning Art Trail sponsor, and this year, they’re also sponsoring our Shaun by the Sea auction. 

It’s clear from chatting to Lee that partnership is an important factor in the company’s support for the charity and core to the ethos of their business too. The Trident-Martlets partnership has gone from strength to strength. It started when Trident won the pitch to provide Martlets’ IT services.  

“We knew of Martlets but hadn’t worked with them. As a client though some of the team were based at the hospice. The guys often came back to the office and talked about what an amazing place it was. I could tell straightaway they were fully invested, and that’s still true today.” 

Aye aye captain 

Trident is sponsoring Captain Shaun the Pirate by Worthing-based artist Russ Iden. This follows their earlier sponsorship of our Snailspace Art Trail in 2018. 

“I loved the Snailspace and the Snowdog Art Trails, but for me Shaun the Sheep is the best. I was excited to hear he was the focus of this year’s Trail. I absolutely love the Shaun the Sheep TV show – all the characters are so heart-warming. And I love the way they’re connected to each other. For me it’s fitting for Martlets to be connected to such a heart-warming character and family.” 

There’s always a bit of competition when it comes to our sponsors selecting their favourite sculpture design – and not everyone gets their first choice. 

Lee explains: “When we landed Captain Shaun the Pirate I had a bit of an epiphany to be honest. I realised Shaun the Sheep didn’t need to be a serious piece of art. Our Shaun design is lovable and fun and more likely to generate a lot of selfies and awareness. 

I met our talented artist Russ Iden when he was painting the design. He was worried it was too simple, but it’s a cartoon character, so for me our pirate is perfect for Shaun, and to top it all, he’s located at Brighton Pier.” 

Shiver me timbers 

Once people have paid a visit to Martlets and/ or have first-hand experience of needing our support, there’s often a strong pull to do more. 

Lee says: “When I met Imelda, the Chief Executive at the time, she explained what the charity was doing in the community, and I was blown away. It still gives me goosebumps today thinking about it, that’s how powerful a moment it was for me.” 

It’s not uncommon for folk to have a preconceived idea about what a hospice environment might be like. Martlets typically defies what people expect because it’s such a positive and uplifting place. 

Lee adds: “When I visited the hospice, I met the nurses and some of the patients. I got a much better understanding of their work. It’s then that I realised there must be more we can do as a business to support them.  

Our engineering team continue to share their experiences with the wider team, it’s infectious and lovely to see them so connected. It’s the value to us internally and what Martlets do in the community that matters most.” 

Family affair 

Lee says: “We have lots of young people working here who have families. It’s good for them to see us supporting and raising awareness of a local charity and being connected with the community. It’s a real family affair as many of them will be doing the Shaun by the Sea Art Trail.  

It’s our ongoing partnership with the charity that counts. I think more businesses should cultivate longer term charity support. We talk regularly about Martlets to our clients too, so we’re fully invested from a business point of view.” 

Place your bid 

Lee is no stranger to Martlets’ Art Trail auction room. This year Trident is sponsoring the event on 27 November at the Corn Exchange. And there’s no doubt Lee and team will be there on the night. 

“At the Snowdog auction my business partner and I took home a small Snowdog each. With Snailspace we secured the snail designed by Fatboy Slim and local artist Cassette Lord. My Finance Director was keeping an eye on me though as I got carried away! We’ll be at the Shaun by the Sea auction to see if we can bag ourselves a Shaun.” 

Me hearties 

As a volunteer I’ve spoken to different artists and sponsors prior to and during this year’s Art Trail. Without exception all of them have commented on the wonderful team at Martlets. It’s clear that everyone who encounters Martlets is full of admiration for the people that work there – and we thank you all for your hard work, dedication and good care. 

Lee agrees wholeheartedly: “They are such a lovely bunch of people. I genuinely love working with Martlets. It’s a true partnership for us and I thoroughly enjoy the relationships we’ve built with the charity over the years. I probably should do even more!”

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