A common thread

This post is by Martlets volunteer Jill Cochrane.

Philippa Herz, Chief Risk Officer at OneFamily took time out of her schedule to chat about the company’s involvement with Shaun by the Sea. 

“When Shaun by the Sea came along, it was something we wanted to be part of. We support Martlets as they support people at the most challenging of times. There’s a common thread for us.  

OneFamily is an inclusive business, we’re here for everyone who needs us. As a company what resonates most is the connection of being there for people at different stages in their lives, right through to the end.  

We provide simple, everyday financial services, life insurance, accessible savings products and more. It’s about being there for people throughout their lives, through the good times and the challenging ones.” 

Lightness matters

This is the second time OneFamily has sponsored one of Martlets’ Art Trails. Bella, their Snowdog takes pride of place on the terrace of their Brighton office. Without the support of companies like OneFamily, our Art Trails wouldn’t be the success story we know and love. 

“It’s the connection they create between the business community and the people living in our communities. Importantly on the Art Trail people will read about Martlets, but they’ll also find out about OneFamily. There’ll be more awareness about the diversity of our thriving business community, which can sometimes be underestimated.” 

Philippa adds: “Although Martlets is a serious charity, it brings some much-needed lightness and fun into people’s lives. In recent years I lost my father who was in long-term care and my mother-in-law was cared for at home by her local hospice. In those sad and very difficult times, there were still moments of laughter and lightness. It’s part of life and so important.” 

Briny by the sea 

OneFamily has sponsored Briny by artist and animator Danni Smith. You’ll find Briny aptly located on the sea front near the Fishing Museum. 

“Our Shaun design is beautiful, striking and intricate with lots to look at. It captures the local flora and fauna, including the sea kelp and sea creatures like starfish and seahorses. As your eye moves towards Briny’s tail you move out to sea, which is the perfect link to Brighton.  

I’m sure everyone, particularly children will appreciate how Danni’s captured the diversity of nature and the sea. Most of all I hope Briny makes people stop and take a moment to reflect.” 

A common experience 

There’s still plenty of time for those of you yet to walk the Shaun by the Sea Art Trail – and of course, take as many selfies as you like. OneFamily is running a competition for the department who can take the most selfies with the most Shauns in the space of an hour.  

Philippa says: “We’ll be awarding a prize and motivating everyone to get out and about to see our Shaun. Art trails like this one offer so much for families. It’s a unique way to see the city and it’s so accessible, particularly when money is tight for many. They bring people together and create a common experience – it’s a great gift.” 

Do the Shear Drop 

It’s baa-rilliant to hear that there are two superheroes from the OneFamily team who have signed up to do the Shear Drop, our abseiling fundraiser which will see participants drop 450ft from the top of the i360.

“Personally, I won’t be abseiling down the i360, but I’m pleased to say I have two brave colleagues who will be!” 

Moments of kindness 

Philippa concludes: “It’s great to feel so connected to such an important local charity. Our business has a strong affinity with what Martlets do. Being able to introduce some better times into the bigger picture of the bad times and offer invaluable moments of kindness. That’s what we try and do. We have customers who are facing very difficult times, but when we speak to them, we look to provide those moments of kindness.” 

Get involved 

Sponsor Olivia Conway and Steve Ferarri from OneFamily who will be conquering the Shear Drop for Martlets 

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