New to the flock

This post is by Martlets volunteer Jill Cochrane.

Sussex Audiology is a first-time sponsor of Martlets’ Art Trail and we’re delighted to welcome them to the flock.  

Operations Director Bryce Murphy says his experience of being a new sponsor has been nothing but positive, which is baa-rilliant to hear. I sincerely hope other businesses in and around the city read this and consider supporting Martlets. 

“As a first time sponsor, we’ve had such a good experience. Being local we were aware of the previous Art Trails, but we missed the boat on Snailspace. We were kicking ourselves a little when the snail sculptures came out as they are like the shape of the cochlear, which is linked to our hearing. Ever since then we’ve kept an eye out, so we were more than ready to get involved this year.  

Do the right thing 

Sussex Audiology is sponsoring Dippers by local artist Rosie Apps. Her Shaun the Sheep design celebrates the joy of sea swimming, and her work more broadly, is inspired by coastal living. 

“We’re a family-run, Sussex-based company which started in Brighton & Hove and it’s where a lot of our team still live. We’ve grown considerably as a company and now have clinics across the South East. Our support for Martlets fits perfectly with our ethos of helping people. Whilst we’re trying to run a profitable business, it’s not always about that – it’s about doing the right thing and supporting a wonderful local cause.” 

Baa-rilliant by design 

Like many of our sponsors Sussex Audiology was spoilt for choice with such a wonderful array of designs. 

“When we saw Rosie’s artwork for Dipper, it had an immediate appeal. I loved the design, which had synergy with the sea and the colours reflected our company’s identity. We’re a local seaside business, so it was a great fit too. 

There are so many amazing designs, I can’t imagine that a single sponsor is disappointed by their Shaun the Sheep sculpture. They are all baa-rilliant!” I love how they pop up as you move around the city. The Trail not only brings people together, but it places Martlets in a more public environment and raises awareness. 


It’s all about Martlets 

Like others some of the team at Sussex Audiology have had personal experience of the charity. 

Bryce adds: “I know some of our team have had direct experience of Martlets. It’s certainly a place that defies what you might expect a hospice to be like. It’s not all sadness as Martlets look at how people can celebrate life as well. They give people who need their support the dignity they deserve, and it benefits them and their families. Their services are highly regarded. 

A lot of our patients and clients are local and they too have had interactions with Martlets, either personally or through family and friends. For us our involvement in the campaign is all about supporting the charity. My team and I can’t speak more highly of the work Martlets do, its contribution to the city and our community is immeasurable.” 

So, the moral of the tale is, don’t be a snail when it comes to getting involved in supporting Martlets! Our wonderful sponsors and supporters make a tangible difference, which means we can continue being here for anyone that needs us. 

Thank you, Bryce, Sussex Audiology and all those who have sponsored this year’s Shaun by the Sea.  

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