Our artists

Thank you to all our Shaun by the Sea artists who have created bold, brave and brilliant designs to shine a light on hospice care.

You can find out more about our artists and their work below.

Our Artists

George Fox

Brighton-based artist George Fox creates illustrations that are as complex as they are beautiful.

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Rosie Apps

Rosie Apps is a local illustrator whose work is often inspired by beachy living, and in particular Brighton’s glorious coastline.

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Jude Chapman

Jude Chapman is a creative director with over 30 years’ experience in graphic design.

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Ben Cav

Ben is a mural artist who specialises in large, colourful designs and characters drawn from his imagination.

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Sam Bailey

Sam Bailey is an award-winning graduate and has more than 20 years’ experience in the graphic design industry.

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Katherine Griffin

Katherine Griffin works on otherworldly dreamscapes and on large scale murals across the city and beyond.

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Francesca Grace McLeod

Francesca Grace McLeod is best known for her paintings on aluminium, she uses a variety of mediums to produce beautiful landscapes and portraiture

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Emma Fish

Emma Fish is a local contemporary jeweller and stained-glass artist whose work is rich in colour.

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Lauren Nickless

Lauren Nickless is a local illustrator, who creates quirky cityscape artworks which celebrate the character of a location.

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J David Bennett

J David Bennett is known for his bold vibrant prints and cards.

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Joanna Osborne

Joanna Osborne is a is a knitwear designer and ceramic sculptor with a focus on dogs.

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Russ Iden

Russ Iden is a designer, illustrator, mural painter, and photographer known for his bold, colourful designs, cartoons, illustrations and murals.

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Ryan Callanan, aka RYCA, is a British contemporary artist known for his prints, sculptures, or re-imaginings of traditional pub signage.

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Pinky Vision

Pinky Vision is a full-time artist and illustrator based in Brighton.

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Faye Bridgwater

Faye Bridgwater is an international contemporary artist who joyfully captures the vibrant essence of expression.

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Kitty McCurdy

Kitty is known for her large-scale contemporary landscape paintings.

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Jason McQuillen makes murals and has even had one of his doodle designs blown up big on a Brighton & Hove bus!

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Alison Lapper

Alison Lapper is a member of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists and in 2003 was awarded an MBE.

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Judith Berrill

Judith Berrill has worked as a book illustrator, stage designer, painter and graphic designer.

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Danni Smith

Danni is inspired by her family and the natural world and loves nothing more than wandering in the local community orchard.

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Street artist Aroe is based in Brighton and his ideas come to him as he prepares to paint.

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The Postman

Artist duo The Postman create murals which can be found on streets around the world.

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Fiona Blair

Fiona Blair’s acrylic illustrations and oil-colour paintings explore a variety of subjects.

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Serena Sussex

Serena Sussex is well known for her fine art landscapes andseascapes.

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Sara Pope

Contemporary artist Sara Pope is best known for her glossy, colourful, pop paintings of lips.

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ART+BELIEVE are a duo of urban graphical artists based in Brighton.

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Louise Mulgrew

Louise is a Brighton-based illustrator and publisher of eco-friendly greetings cards

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Chloe Batchelor

Chloe Batchelor is a Brighton-based LGBTQ+ illustrator and character designer.

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Kat Irvine

Kat’s art usually involves lively, quirky characters and plants and she enjoys weaving a story into her designs.

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Mister Phil

Brighton-based artist Mister Phil creates vibrant, fun, images in unrestrained doodle style.

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Sarah Arnett

Modern, elegant, and bursting with colour, Sarah Arnett’s artwork draws on her life experiences.

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Tina Davies

Tina Davies is a painter and potter inspired by nature.

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Boogaloo Stu

Boogaloo Stu’s distinctive style is inspired by his roots in fashion design, cabaret, DJ-ing and theatre.

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Claire Havell

Claire is a designer and illustrator inspired by nature, folklore, and travels abroad.

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Kirsti Davidson

Kirsti Davidson produces visual concepts and storyboards for animation, interactive games, picture books and surface design.

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Laura Bowden

Artist Laura Bowden loves using acrylics, especially bright colours and metallics.

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Karen Hollis

Karen Hollis has a passion for nature and light which is reflected in her paintings.

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