About Briny

Featuring the flora and fauna which make our waterways so special, ‘Briny’ depicts the diversity in our local wetlands, heading out to sea towards Shaun’s tail. Artist Danni Smith has included many vulnerable species including a plethora of iridescent dragonflies and damselflies, and featured on Shaun’s back legs are rewilded local kelp forests. There are so many things to discover in this design – how many species can you find?

Danni is inspired by her family and the natural world and loves nothing more than wandering in the local community orchard with her loved ones and a sketchbook.

About this sculpture

Created by: Danni Smith

Sponsored by: One Family Foundation

Location: Inside the Fishing Museum

Bus Routes: All Routes

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About One Family Foundation

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Shauns for Sale

Shaun by the Sea is raising money to Help Martlets Keep Caring for people facing the toughest of times.

At the end of the trail, our large Shauns will all be auctioned off to raise funds for Martlets Hospice. If you like this sculpture, click the button below to find out more about how you can take it home by bidding at our auction on Monday 27th November.

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A Wild in Art Event

Wild in Art is the leading producer of spectacular public art events which enrich, entertain, inform and connect communities – giving people of all ages a voice through art.

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