About Eden

Celebrating biodiversity, ‘Eden’ is painted with a highly-saturated palette and borrows its name from the ‘Garden of Eden’, the biblical paradise. Exploring humanity’s relationship with nature, ‘Eden’ juxtaposes binary elements such as plastic toy monkeys from the popular children’s game ‘Barrel of Monkeys’ with a mono titi/squirrel monkey and a toucan helium balloon floating through the glorious rain forest.

Artist Katherine Griffin explores the environmental impact of the Anthropocene (including human activities such as climate change) and combines it with a love of kitsch and colour. She works on her otherworldly dreamscapes from her studio in Kemptown and also on large scale murals across the city and beyond.

About this sculpture

Created by: Katherine Griffin

Sponsored by: Trafalgar Place

Location: Trafalgar Place

Bus Routes: 6,7,18,27,37,52,77

Art trail

About Trafalgar Place

Trafalgar Place is a grade A office complex, situated in central Brighton. With excellent commuter links from Brighton Station situated to our west side, it is no wonder that the site has always been a prime location for any occupiers. Due to the site being gated and completely self-contained, it creates its own unique environment for visitors and occupiers alike. With regular events within the landscaped complex, we create a welcoming and fun environment for all.

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Shauns for Sale

Shaun by the Sea is raising money to Help Martlets Keep Caring for people facing the toughest of times.

At the end of the trail, our large Shauns will all be auctioned off to raise funds for Martlets Hospice. If you like this sculpture, click the button below to find out more about how you can take it home by bidding at our auction on Monday 27th November.

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A Wild in Art Event

Wild in Art is the leading producer of spectacular public art events which enrich, entertain, inform and connect communities – giving people of all ages a voice through art.

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